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Oh Well by Billy Sheehan (single)

oh well.mp3

Rattlesnake Guitar,
The Music of Peter Green
>>Download Mp3 7:39

The Rolling Stones: a Bigger Bang

Rough Justice 3:11

Let Me Down Slow 4:16

It Won’t Take Long 3:54

Rain Fall Down 4:53

Streets of Love 5:10

Back of My Hand 3:33

She Saw Me Coming 3:12

Biggest Mistake 4:06

This Place Is Empty 3:16

Oh No, Not You Again 3:46

Dangerous Beauty 3:48

Laugh, I Nearly Died 4:54

Sweet Neo Con 4:33

Look What the Cat Dragged In 3:57

Driving Too Fast 3:56

Infamy 3:47

About This Album:
Back to basics for the Stones is a more complicated equation than for most rock and roll bands. Urban blues, soul ballads, reggae, a hundred variations on the undying riff — any and all of these represent their musical roots. Only someone who forgets the mighty Beggars Banquet or the mightily underrated Dirty Work would be surprised that Mick and/or Keith want to comment on the current administration of a “Sweet Neo Con,” and likewise no one will fall into shock upon hearing a locked-down and engaged outfit on display here. They’re perhaps not out to change the world this time, but that they’re still playing this well should make us happy, even proud.

16 Songs, 1 Hour 4 Minutes
Released: Sep 5, 2005
℗ 2012 Promotone B.V. under exclusive licence to Universal International Music B.V.

Blues Traveler: FOUR

After three albums as a major-label cult act, winning fans mostly on the road and through word of mouth, jam band Blues Traveler broke out in a big way with Four. Frontman John Popper’s virtuosic harmonica style was suddenly a pop sound, as the bouncy lovelorn plaint “Run-Around” became a long-running radio staple alongside alt- rock and dance singles. Blues Traveler exploited its mainstream-friendly side knowingly, with another key track here, “Hook,” critiquing the ingredients necessary to reel in a large audience. Though Four doesn’t display the adventurism of a Grateful Dead or an Allman Brothers Band, it shows plenty of affection for their styles, with the closing “Brother John” putting a jumpy, hard-to-pin-down rhythm to use and “The Mountains Win Again” shining light on a soaring slide-guitar line. The album ended up one of the most visible classic-rock-styled releases of its era.

Track list:

Run-Around 4:40
Stand 5:19
Look Around 5:41
Fallible 4:46
The Mountains Win Again 5:05
Freedom 4:01
Crash Burn 2:59
Price to Pay 5:16
Hook 4:50
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 1:55
Just Wait 5:34
Brother John 6:38

12 Songs, 56 Minutes
Released: Sep 13, 1994
℗ 1994 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Santana: The Ultimate Collection Disc 1

Label: Smm.Published: 1998/’ 2000
Sony Music Entertainment Inc. .
This compilation ? 1998 Sony Music Entert

Track list:

Black Magic Woman- G.
Everybody’s Everythi..>
Evil Ways.mp3
La Fuente del Ritmo.mp3
Let the Children Pla ..>
Love Devotion & Surr.
No One to Depend on.mp3
Oye Como Va.mp3
Para Los Rumberos.mp3
Samba Pa Ti.mp3
Se A Cabo.mp3
Song of the Wind.mp3
Soul Sacrifice.mp3

Cover album:

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