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Release date
13 Sep 2011
Running length
18 tracks
Running time

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1 Mustapha
2 Fat Bottomed Girls
3 Jealousy
5 If You Can’t Beat Them
6 Let Me Entertain You
7 Dead On Time
8 In Only Seven Days
9 Dreamer’s Ball
10 Fun It
11 Leaving Home Ain’t Easy
13 More Of That Jazz
2 Don’t Stop Me Now
4 Let Me Entertain You (Live In Montreal, November 1981)
5 Dreamer’s Ball (Early Acoustic Take, August 1978)

About this album
Jazz is a 1978 album by English rock band Queen. It was the band’s seventh studio album, and comprises a number of different styles of music, including disco-funk (“Fun It”), vaudeville (“Dreamer’s Ball”), hard rock (“Dead On Time”) and a country-flavoured stomp (“Fat Bottomed Girls”).

Curiously, it contains nothing recognisable as jazz, except perhaps the music-hall swing of “Dreamer’s Ball”. The album’s eclecticism was alternately praised and criticised; it was subject to a viciously scathing Rolling Stone review by Dave Marsh which included the suggestion that “Queen may be the first truly fascist rock band. ” Nevertheless, the album made it to #6 on the American Billboard 200.

The band had intended to sell the album with a poster depicting the all-female nude bicycle race staged to promote “Fat Bottomed Girls”, but in the USA it was only available through mail order so as not to upset retailers. A small version of the poster comes with the Crown Jewels box set.

Roy Thomas Baker temporarily reunited with Queen and became their producer for this album. It was 3 years since he co-produced Queen’s 1975 album A Night at the Opera. But this album also was the last album he co-produced for the band. This was the first Queen album recorded outside the UK, for tax purposes.

Included in the liner notes is the attribution “Thunderbolt courtesy of God”, referring to the crash of thunder heard at the end of the song “Dead On Time” which May recorded with a portable audio recorder during a thunderstorm.

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