Queen Greatest Hits III free Download


Release date
9 Nov 1999
Running length
17 tracks
Running time

Track List Download
1 Queen – The Show Must Go On
2 Queen – Under Pressure (Rah Mix) (Remix)
3 Freddie Mercury – Barcelona (Duet)
4 Queen – Too Much Love Will Kill You
5 Queen – Somebody to Love
6 Queen – You Don’t Fool Me
7 Queen – Heaven for Everyone
8 Queen – Las Palabras De Amor
10 Freddie Mercury – Living On My Own (Remix)
11 Queen – Let Me Live
12 Queen – The Great Pretender
13 Queen – Princes of the Universe
14 Queen – Another One Bites The Dust (Remix)
Queen – These Are the Days of Our Lives


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17 Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas
15 Queen – No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)
9 Brian May – Driven By You

About this album
Greatest Hits III is a compilation of latter-day Queen songs, the band members’ solo hits and the
band’s collaborations with other artists (hence the album’s credit to “Queen+”). It was released on November 8, 1999.

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  2. Do you know the dance crew Pordeotix is on this? music video


  3. Would a kind soul please translate this Polish song (Dmuchawce,latawce,wiatr) into English for me?


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  5. Oh my shit….ate my weight in Korean chow, then promptly tried to dance it off at the Karaoke bar next door. JUST WOKE UP.


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