Yngwie Malmsteen Album: Odyssey free Download

72173884.png Label
Yngwie Malmsteen
Release date
1 Mar 1991
Running length
12 tracks
Running time

Track List Download
1 Rising Force 4:25 45,559
2 Hold On 5:12 20,371
3 Heaven Tonight 4:27 34,251
4 Dreaming (Tell Me) 5:19 17,654
5 Bite The Bullet 1:35 8,865
6 Riot In The Dungeons 4:23 11,861
7 Deja Vu 4:16 17,468
8 Crystal Ball 6:03 15,616
9 Now Is The Time 4:34 9,812
10 Faster Than Speed Of Light 4:30 1,370
11 Krakatau 6:06 7,837
12 Memories 1:13 12,187

About This Album:
Yngwie’s best CD. He’s jelouse of Vinnie Moore.

Other Albums
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  1. How do I transfer MIDI files from my computer to my piano?


  2. I love music, music is my life. I’ve been thinking about what colleges I should start looking into? I would love to have a career in music, wether it would be in a band or music producing. I was just wondering though, what are some colleges that have good music programs? Or that offer some thing along those lines? I figured I should start thinking about what college I should go to and its a lot! So any answers would be greatly appreciated!.


  3. Creative today. If I figure out how to import these midi files on pro tools right I’ll be set to record something fresh this week.


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