Oasis albums: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
10 tracks

about this album:
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants is the fourth album by the British rock band Oasis. It was released on the 28th February 2000. It received mixed reviews by professionals. This is the first album from Oasis which doesn’t feature two of Oasis’ founding members, Bonehead and Guigsy.

This album lacks the usual optimism, which usually heard in Oasis’ songs. It even sometimes has a quite depressing sound, on songs like “Where Did It All Go Wrong” and”Sunday Morning Call”.We can, however, consider this album as the most experimental. It has drum loops, backwards guitar, electric sitar and more. Songs like “Go Let It Out” are a departure from the usual Oasis style, while “Fuckin’ In The Bushes” is considered to be the Oasis song which is most influenced by older hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin. The album was released on the Big Brother label, the bands own.

Track List
music-128.png Fuckin’ in the Bushes – mp3
download » size: 6.1 mb ~ mp3
music-128.png Go Let It Out – mp3
download » size: 8.5 mb ~ mp3
music-128.png Who Feels Love? – mp3
download » size: 10.5 mb ~ mp3
music-128.png Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is – mp3
download » size: 8.2 mb ~ mp3
music-128.png Little James – mp3
download » size: 7.8 mb ~ mp3
music-128.png Gas Panic! – mp3
download » size: 11.3 mb ~ mp3
music-128.png Where Did It All Go Wrong? – mp3
download » size: 8.2 mb ~ mp3
music-128.png Sunday Morning Call – mp3
download » size: 9.6 mb ~ mp3
music-128.png I Can See a Liar – mp3
download » size: 5.9 mb ~ mp3
music-128.png Roll It Over – mp3
download » size: 11.9 mb ~ mp3


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