Incubus: A Crow Left of the Murder (album)

A Crow Left of the Murder
rock ·
alternative rock ·
14 tracks

Track List:
1 Megalomaniac (album version (explicit)) 4:55 2,825
2 A Crow Left of the Murder 3:30 184,117
3 Agoraphobia 3:53 223,297
4 Talk Shows on Mute 3:48 274,450
5 Beware! Criminal 3:48 187,615
6 Sick Sad Little World 6:33 203,930
7 Pistola 4:21 185,627
8 Southern Girl 3:40 214,047
9 Priceless 4:06 165,769
10 Zee Deveel 3:52 155,668
11 Made for TV Movie 3:38 163,455
12 Smile Lines 3:59 147,845
13 Here in My Room 4:19 214,163
14 Leech 4:19 158,462

about this album
At the beginning of their career, Incubus was rightly lumped in with the legions of
post-Korn alt metal/rap-rock bands swarming America in the latter days of the
20th century. But by their third album, 1999’s Make Yourself, they had separated
from the pack, as indicated by the presence of producer Scott Litt, best-known for
his work with R.E.M… It signaled that the band was serious, and they began
expanding their rap-metal template on that album and its follow-up, 2001’s
Morning View, completing their transition from juvenelia to maturity with 2003’s
Crow Left of the Murder.

Switching from Litt to producer Brendan O’Brien, a man
who has been with Pearl Jam longer than any of their drummers, Incubus has
opted for a clean, crisp yet heavy sound which allows them to aggressively switch
from crunching metallic riffs to jazzy prog interludes. It’s an expansive musical
vision charged with some righteous anger; although vocalist Brandon Boyd doesn’t
write explicit protests, there sure are enough allusions to social turbulence to make
this the first politically aware alt metal album in many a year.

This maturation is
even more evident in the music, how the band actually swings on “Zee Deveel,” or
how guitarist Michael Einzinger’s jazz-influenced solos seem both carefully
constructed and casually tossed off, or how Boyd’s voice shifts from song to song
(or during a song, as on the opening “Megalomaniac,” which sounds like a bizarre
blend of Mr. Mister’s Richard Page and John Lydon). All this maturation does
mean that Incubus may shed some older fans, since the naked ambitions on this
record are far removed from the earnest, angst-ridden earlier records, but so be it
— A Crow Left of the Murder… is far more interesting than any of their other
records, or their peers’. At times, they may stretch themselves a little too far here,
but the ambition is admirable and the achievements are tangible — a real
breakthrough for the band. [A Crow Left of the Murder was also released in a
limited-edition set with a bonus DVD containing a 26-minute documentary
featuring footage from the band’s Lollapalooza and Bridge Benefit performances,
and of Boyd’s injury.] ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

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