Metallica Albums: 1984 – Ride The Lightning

f.jpg Label
Release date
3 Jan 2000
Running length
8 tracks
Running time
thrash metal
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Track List Download

01 – Fight Fire With Fire.mp3 11M
02 – Ride the Lightning.mp3 15M
03 – For Whom the Bell Tolls.mp3 12M
04 – Fade to Black.mp3 16M
05 – Trapped Under Ice.mp3 9.4M
06 – Escape.mp3 10M
07 – Creeping Death.mp3 15M
08 – The Call of Ktulu.mp3 20M

About This Album:

Ride The Lightning is the second album by thrash metal band Metallica . It was released on July 27, 1984 by Megaforce Records. It was re-released in the same year on November 19 by Elektra records. In the United States alone Ride The Lightning has sold over 5 million copies.

Ride the Lightning is often hailed by fans as a classic of the thrash metal genre and a vital bridge between the band’s albums Kill ‘Em All and Master of Puppets, pushing the thrash metal of the debut into progressive territory more fully-realized on “Master of Puppets” and “… And Justice for All.”


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