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The Beatlaes
White Album
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16 Long Long Long 3:04 44,317

17 Martha My Dear 2:28 366,073

18 Mother Nature’s Son 3:15 318,117

19 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da 3:08 38,353

20 Piggies 1:59 356,715

21 Revolution 1 4:14 306,246

22 Revolution 9 8:12 222,179

23 Rocky Raccoon 4:10 274,102

24 Savoy Truffle 2:53 287,756

25 Sexy Sadie 4:05 334,538

26 The Continuing Story 3:05 16,287

27 While My Guitar Gently Wheeps 4:44 18,938

28 Why Don’t We Do It in the Road 2:13 125,649

29 Wild Honey Pie 1:01 355,035

30 Yer Blues 4:00 318,068

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About This Album:

The Beatles is the ninth official British album and the fifteenth American album by The Beatles, a double album released in 1968. It is commonly known as The White Album as it has no graphics or text other than the band’s name (and, on the early LP and CD releases, a serial number) on its plain white sleeve.

The album was the first the Beatles undertook following the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, and the first released by their own record label, Apple.

Originally entitled A Doll’s House, the title was changed when the British progressive rock band Family released the similarly titled Music in a Doll’s House earlier that year.

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