Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin III (album)

59426461.png Label
Led Zeppelin
Release date
9 Nov 2007
Running length
10 tracks
Running time

Track List Download

1 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg Immigrant Song 2:25 750,122
2 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg Friends 3:54 306,352
3 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg Celebration Day 3:28 346,886
4 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg Since I’ve Been Loving You 7:23 520,152
5 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg Out on the Tiles 4:05 258,045
6 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg Gallows Pole 4:56 297,849
7 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg Tangerine 3:10 357,158
8 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg That’s the Way 5:37 302,698
9 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 4:16 273,183
10 stock-vector-download-rou.jpg Hats Off To [Roy] Harper 3:42 10,832

About This Album:

Led Zeppelin III, the third album by English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was recorded between January and July 1970 and was released October 5, 1970 by Atlantic Records.

Led Zeppelin III marked a change in focus for the band from late 1960s hard rock to a more folk rock and acoustic inspired sound.

These styles had been present to a lesser degree in the band’s first two releases, but here it was the main style – and one that would remain prominent in the group’s later albums.

This change in direction endeared the band to many progressive rock fans who would never have listened to Led Zeppelin’s established blues and rock repertoire.

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