Metallica Albums: Master of Puppets free Download

71388652.png ★★★★★
Release date
28 May 2004
Running length
8 tracks
Running time

Track List Download
1 Battery 5:12 527,798
2 Master of Puppets 8:34 714,110
3 The Thing That Should Not Be 6:34 392,995
4 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Sanitarium) 6:27 984
5 Disposable Heroes 8:16 324,550
6 Leper Messiah 5:40 303,143
7 Orion (instrumental) 8:26 198,655
8 Damage Inc. 5:32 58,944

About this album
Master of Puppets is the third studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica. The album was recorded in 1985 and released by Elektra Records on March 3, 1986 in North America.

Now widely considered a classic of thrash metal, the album proved to be a modest commercial success upon its release by reaching #29 on the U.S. Billboard 200, making it the very first thrash metal album to crack the Top 40. With the band’s rising popularity from the release of Metallica, awareness of the album has increased, and according to the RIAA, it has sold over six million copies in the U.S. alone. It was the last album the band recorded with bass player Cliff Burton, who died in a tour bus crash six months after it was released.

Historical significance
The band’s line-up during the album’s recording was James Hetfield on vocals and rhythm guitar, Lars Ulrich on drums, Kirk Hammett on lead guitar, and Cliff Burton on bass. The album is remembered in part due to the death of Burton shortly after the release of the album in a bus accident while supporting the album on tour.

When it was released, Master of Puppets provided many metal fans with an alternative image to the commercially popular glam metal bands, such as Poison , Bon Jovi , Mötley Crüe , and Ratt. The album has frequently been tagged by critics as “one of the most influential heavy metal albums of all time.”

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